PDU336 can ensure a balanced distribution of the forces on the vehicle and the different voltage supplied from outside the vehicle.  Generator, External Power Supply, PTO Alternator, System
Batteries, Vehicle Batteries, and The power transmitted from the DC Power Supply is transmitted over the fuses and deployed on the vehicle.

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Product Description & Technical Document

DS-290922145342786-56 EN TECHNICAL DOCUMENT


  • Panel Test Button
  • Emergency Stop Button
  • Power Supply Selection Switch
  • Battery Select Switch
  • Battery Charge Status LED Indicator
  • GDU On / Off Switch
  • Working Hours
  • AC Volt Panel Meter
  • AC Ampere Panel Meter
  • Phase Select Switch
  • Frequency Panel Meter
  • DC Volt Panel Meter
  • Bi-directional DC Ampere Panel Meter
  • CIT Status Query Button
  • AC/DC Measuring Born Jack
  • (Red / Green) CIT LED Indicator

Military PDUs often differ from commercial PDUs in some obvious and not so obvious ways. Obvious, is that certain battlefield applications do indeed require extraordinary tolerance of shock, vibration, and weather extremes. Not so obvious, is the need to condition incoming raw power to deliver clean, stable power to mission critical electronics. There are a lot of unique control and connectivity needs in military applications as well.

NERO has been meeting the needs for military PDUs in ships, submarines, planes, forward command bases, hardware service bays, and even as support for research and product development for over 30 years.

What to look for in a military PDU

  • Protects downstream equipment from noisy facility power using EMI filters, surge suppressors, and other techniques.
  • Saves space by integrating conditioning and conversion needs instead of housing them as external boxes.
  • Improves integration by providing the exact connectivity and controls needed for site-specific equipment.
  • Complies with general and military-specific standards for electrical power handling equipment.
  • Meets harsh environmental needs.

What to look for in a PDU supplier

  • Takes the time to understand the application, explore needs, and consider design options.
  • Optimizes the selection of application-specific components for capacity matching, packaging efficiency, and cost.
  • Designs and manufactures enclosures to meet unique needs for installation, cable routing, and other integration details.
  • Manages the entire process of standards testing and certification, when required, prior to delivery.
  • Understands military platforms and applications, and can apply specific military standards to PDU design.

Programs, Platforms, and Applications

  • Aircraft, naval surface vessels, submarines, UAV, ground vehicles, and others.
  • Development test roles, simulation, support facilities, and forward operating bases powering mobile data processing to multi-rack test and service bays.
  • CSRR, AMDR, VPM, BACN, WIN-T, and other programs.
  • Supporting communications, weapons, intelligence, and research systems.

Compliance and Standards

  • Certified AS9100 with ISO 9001.
  • TAA, ITAR, and NIST compliant.
  • General MIL-STDs 461, 810, 901, 167, and others.
  • Platform-specific MIL-STDs 1399, 704, and 1275.
  • Environment and reliability testing/certification when required.
  • UL and CE certification (others when required).

Custom, COTS, COTS-Modified

  • NERO specializes in application-specific PDUs.
    • Rackmount chassis from 0U to 24U, to rack sized.
    • Custom enclosures for non-rack applications.
    • Ac, dc, 400 Hz — up to 600 volts, 400 amps.
  • We have nearly 300 standard basic and smart PDUs.
    • 1-phase, 3-phase, 15-, 20-, and 30-amp models.
    • 1U, 2U, 3U, and vertical 0U configurations.

Conversion, Conditioning, and Control

  • Meet EMI standards using filters and shielded enclosures.
  • Mitigate voltage spikes/transients using surge suppression.
  • Integration of ac and dc sources.
  • Conversions for ac-ac, ac-dc, dc-dc, and dc-ac.
  • Local and remote power monitoring and switching.
  • Individually breakered branches.
  • EPO and interlock integration and remote panels.

Networked and Non-networked

  • Non-networked PDUs still offer some remote switching through discrete signals from remote panels.
  • Networked PDUs offer remote control and monitoring over Ethernet using HTTP/S, SSH, Telnet, and SNMP.
  • Remote switching of outlets.
  • Remote monitoring of inlet current, voltage, and power.
  • Event alerts for startup, user login, outlet state change, EPO, current and voltage setpoint excursion, and configuration changes (via SNMP, email, SMS).
  • Scripted automation through Telnet, SSH, SNMP, or RESTful API over HTTP/S.
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Technical Data Table
Connection Type

RS422, RS485, CANBus

System Weight

5 KG

Operating Temperature

-32 – +55 °C

Storage Temperature

-40°C – +60°C


430x117x260 mm