25 April 2023

Offshore Wind Turbine Fires ‘Twice as Costly’ as Those Onshore

Wind farms located offshore are difficult to access and harder to repair. Consequently, the financial impact of offshore turbine fires can be much more significant than […]
31 March 2023

CNC Fire Safety Tips for Machine Shops

The frequency of fire in CNC machines is not something to be overlooked. With metals cutting at high speeds, the possibility of a fire occurring is […]
8 March 2023

Transformer Fire Protection

A fire anywhere is a major cause for concern, but electrical transformer fires can be an especially large risk. That’s why there are fire suppression systems available, […]
14 January 2023

8 Stakeholders to Share the Results of Your Fire Risk Assessment

Thoroughly evaluating fire risk through a comprehensive assessment of a wind project is one thing, but using it effectively is another. Once a fire risk assessment […]
30 November 2022

How to Extinguish a Solar Farm Fire

As is the case with any high-voltage equipment, equipment at solar farms can catch fire. Although solar farm fires are relatively rare, they are potentially devastating. Because […]
29 November 2022

Solar Supply Chain Crisis Calls for Protecting Existing Solar Assets

The renewables industry is in the grip of a supply chain crisis, which means sourcing components for solar farms is increasingly difficult. Solar industry supply chain disruption means sourcing replacement […]
22 November 2022

The Leading US Solar States and Why They Must Address Fire Risk

Solar is set to account for almost half of all new US electricity generation capacity this year and next year, with three states leading the way. […]
11 November 2022

What Causes Solar Inverters to Catch Fire?

While the concept and use of solar energy has been around for centuries, solar technology and its ability to source renewable energy is still a relatively new […]
1 November 2022

EDM Fire Protection

Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) uses a controlled thermal erosion process to remove metal from a workpiece to create a desired design. These machines are designed to […]