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1. All rights on written, illustrated, audible, visual and electronic materials, which are displayed in NERO Industries website and of which copyright and other industrial and intellectual property rights are owned by NERO Industries or third parties and other institutions, and on all identification markings such as brands, marks and logos are reserved and protected by the relevant legislation. Including the abovementioned issues in the website cannot be construed as granting any authority, license or permission for their use. These materials cannot be copied, duplicated, reproduced or used in any way without the written permission of NERO Industries

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2. All content in NERO Industries website is provided only for promotional purposes and to inform the user. Users agree that they are obliged to receive the final and reliable information from NERO Industries, if they intend to make any transaction by referencing the information in this website. No guarantee or commitment is given for that the information in the website is free of error and updated. There may be misinformation, typing and updating errors in this website. Users accept that NERO Industries assumes no liability, including material and moral compensation, for transactions to be performed based on this information.

3. NERO Industries, at its own discretion, reserves the right to change the content of the website at any time, to modify or terminate any kind of service provided to users and to delete user information and data stored in the NERO Industries website.

4. Users assume all responsibility for protecting and preventing third party access to the passwords used for accessing this website, if any. If third parties are allowed to use these passwords, users shall assume all responsibility arising out of third party use of the user information.

5. NERO Industries is obliged to provide the necessary protection and give its users the own anti-virus protection system as well as taking all measures within the bounds of possibility in order to clean and maintain the NERO Industries website clean from virus and similar malicious software. In this context, a user accepts that he/she is responsible for all kinds of mistakes and direct or indirect consequences which may occur in his/her own software and operating systems as a result of that he/she visited NERO Industries website.

6. If a criminal complaint or an official tracer letter is received from the official authorities regarding the users or and / or an electronic sabotage or an attack is found and determined and thought to be made by users which will prevent the functioning of NERO Industries systems or change the functioning, NERO Industries has the right to research the credentials and personal information of users and entitled to make a declaration to the official authorities.

7. In case NERO Industries website gives link to other websites, the commitments in the Terms of Use and Privacy will only be valid and applied to NERO Industries website and do not cover the other websites. The Terms of Use and Privacy of the other websites will be valid and applicable for these websites which are driven from the NERO Industries website. NERO Industries is not responsible of any kind of material and moral losses and damages pursuant to information use, ethical principles and service and content quality of these websites, that may arise of the other websites which users can access via NERO Industries website in order to get information or for any other purposes by clicking on an ad, banner or a link, 

8. In general, a user can visit NERO Industries website without specifying his or her identity or providing personal information. The communication data of users (e.g. Internet Protocol Address) or use of data (e.g. each access start, end and content and information about telecommunication data accessed) were produced technically and may be associated with personal data of users reasonably relating to the use of telecommunications service in order to access the website. In case of a compelling necessity, contact information or data collection, process and use of users can be subject to the proceedings and all actions will be taken within the legal framework of protection of personal data.

9. When access is provided to the website of NERO Industries, non-personal information (e.g., the Internet browser used and type of operating system, number of visits, the average time spent on the website, pages viewed) can be calculated automatically. NERO Industries can use and share this data in order to improve the performance or content of the website.

10. NERO Industries website has the right of amendment, renewal or cancellation any article of the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy without making a legal notice. Every article or provision amended, renewed or cancelled, will inure to the benefit of all users after the publication date.

11. The courts and enforcement authorities of Ankara will be the authority in the resolution of disputes between users and NERO Industries and the dispute and/or conflict will be resolved in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Turkey.