Career At NERO

In most engineering/expertise positions in our career level we apply the following recruitment processes.


Application to our open job posts on Linkedin and

CV Evaluation

Evaluation of education and experience requirements for the position

Preliminary Assessment

Applications are pre-assessed.

Competency Based Interview

Evaluation of competencies and skills required by the position by HR experts

Technical Interview

Evaluation of job fit by relevant position managers

Mission of HR

The human resources mission of Nero Industry, which sets out with the aim of producing “the best” and “firsts”, is to create a innovative and productive corporate culture that works within the framework of “we” understanding.

A system that supports creative ideas, paves the way for our teammates to develop themselves and operates in cooperation and solidarity defines the human resources philosophy of Nero Industry.

Vision of HR

Nero is the most preferred, innovative, creative, brave, pioneering, reliable company that supports development in the defense industry. With an international and corporate management approach, we offer our teammates a stable and peaceful working environment with personal and professional experience. It will further advance its Human Resources policies and maintain this position.

The purpose of our career management system is to ensure that employees progress in the tasks they can be successful, taking into account their interests and education levels.

It is a key element in the process of strengthening corporate commitment and increasing efficiency by keeping the willingness and determination of our teammates at the highest level in the creation of qualified human resources.

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