Smoke Grenade Launcher NU-40SGLS is a high-quality smoke grenade launcher designed for military, law enforcement, and anti-riot operations. This launcher is capable of protecting up to 360 degrees Celsius and is available in two activation options: Pyrotechnical Electrical Activated and Resettable Electric Solenoid Activated. The angle of the launcher can be customized during the design process to meet the specific needs of the user.

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Product Description & Technical Document


Fully integrated 40mm Automatic Grenade Launcher System – delivering reliable and accurate direct and indirect fire capability across the full spectrum of munitions, including air burst. Proven in combat at the system level with multiple NATO countries, its unique braking Softmount enables high firing stability and multi-weapon versatility.

Our highly experienced team has delivered advanced integrated crew served weapon systems to the world’s most respected militaries.

UMAY Smoke Grenade Launcher Systems has teamed with the world’s leading infantry weapons and fire control system suppliers to provide a fully integrated Lightweight Automatic Grenade Launcher system comprising:

  • accurate, reliable and robust 40mm Grenade Launcher System from NERO Industry
  • capable, simple to operate Fire Control Computer and Human Machine Interface from NERO Industry. The smoke grenade systems also includes an integral day sight and Laser Range Finder
  • qualified with NATO 40mm munitions and new generation munitions, including air burst, to provide area suppression and engage fixed, moving and hidden targets with fewer munitions
  • light weight – weapon and mount up to 50kg lighter than the legacy Mk19p
  • proven installation into vehicle gun rings and weapon integration into Remote Weapon Stations
  • fast into action – minimal cables and simple to operate
  • proven at the system level with multiple NATO countries.

Since its inception, the NERO has equipped nearly every combat vehicle with smoke grenade launchers. Soldiers and vehicles can hide from the enemy’s view behind the thick smoke. However, the old systems react sluggishly. Several seconds pass between ignition and buildup of the smoke screen. Seconds which might make the difference between life and death in combat. Furthermore, the old system drops the smoke grenades to the ground before the artificial cover is generated. With NU-40SGLS GRENADE LAUNCHER, the smoke screen builds up in the air shortly after ejection. The new smoke grenades also have a longer burn time because they contain a larger charge.

Protection for vehicles and crew

Therefore, NERO Industry is currently testing the integration of the NU-40SGLS GRENADE LAUNCHER smoke grenade launcher system in different vehicles. NU-40SGLS GRENADE LAUNCHER generates an opaque red phosphorus screen within split seconds. 

The smoke screen can make any tank, never mind how big, disappear behind it. “In real life, you gain up to one minute in order to withdraw and actually disappear,” says the test manager at NERO Industry. The system does not just hide the vehicle from the human eye, state-of-the-art technology such as infrared sensors cannot penetrate the smoke screen either. For smaller vehicles or space constraints, launcher modules with a reduced number of magazines are available.

NU-40SGLS GRENADE LAUNCHER has a modular setup

The new system can be installed in modules. The current test vehicle, an armored palletized load system truck, is equipped with one launcher each on both sides. Two times five rounds each can be fired from the driver’s side and the passenger side. If the launcher’s control panel is activated, the system fires the round in the middle first. The surrounding smoke grenades are fired subsequently. “This is the quickest way of generating a smoke screen,” explains the NERO Industry employee.

Depending on the vehicle and its use, the modular launching systems can also be installed facing towards the front of the vehicle or facing backwards. This is particularly relevant for vehicles which are able to change direction quickly and operate on dangerous terrain outside of convoys. With the help of the quick fastenings, changes can be made rapidly.

Turkish company, NERO Industry, has developed and as of December 2021 promoted the 37/38mm Launcher system, which it claims can quickly disperse a mixture of different types of non lethal ammunition types, to variable ranges, providing law enforcement forces with the tools to get the situation under control while minimizing harm to civilians, police forces and public property. Multiple launcher can deliver large quantities of non lethal ammunition in a very short time covering larger areas at distances from 50 up to 210 meters. The Multiple Launcher can be mounted on vehicles, marine vessels or defensive structured. It is supplied with an optional, specially designed, Pan and tilt positioner motor. Amongst the RCA(Riot Control Agent) rounds that can be employed in the system are 37/38-40mm, 3 Sub Munition Tear Gas Rounds which enable the Multi Barrel Launcher to disperse up to 15 Tear Gas Capsules in one single Burst; 37/38-40mm Long Range CS Smoke Rounds; and 37/38-40mm Stun + Powder Rounds which are intended to be used in conjunction with tear gas rounds, these rounds help achieve maximum deterrence and confusion in the rioting crowd, detonating over the crowds heads and dispersing pepper or CS powder from above.

Multiple Launcher 37/38-40mm and Smoke Grenade 76mm non-lethal weapon systems.

According to marketing material distributed in 2013 by Turkish manufacturer, NERO Industry, the Multiple Launcher 37/38-40mm is a new 37/38-40mm weapon system with up to 36 barrels… intended to rapidly deploy a blanket of non lethal munitions into, or over, a hostile crowd. The Multiple Launcher can employ standard conventional 37/38-40mm non lethal CS, flashbang, and colored smoke rounds.  The Multiple Launcher system is designed to be hard-mounted on a wide range of land vehicles and marine vessels, or to permanent structures such as prisons, government buildings, military base perimeters, or embassy compounds. The Multiple Launcher can be configured in several forms to fit any tactical vehicle, whether hard mounted directly to the roof in front of a hatch, or hard mounted to a revolving turret with remotely controlled elevation capability. NERO has subsequently promoted both Multiple Launcher and Smoke Grenade at the 2023 International Defence Exhibition and Conference (IDEX) held in the United Arab Emirates.

Multiple Launcher 37/38-40mm non-lethal tube launched munition system (NLTL/MS). The Multiple Launcher  was developed by NERO Industry, Inc. for use by military security and police forces in a variety of scenarios. The Multiple Launcher is a platform mounted high-capacity variable payload launching system for early warning signals at vehicle checkpoints, moving convoys or for determining the intent of approaching marine vessels. It is effective as a force multiplier, capable of precise area delivery of munitions while enhancing the capabilities of area denial and force escalation in riot control situations. Multiple Launcher is a modular launching system which accepts one magazine, loaded with fifteen 37/38-40mm cartridges. The 15 cartridges are contained indegrees elevation, and can be fired in immediate succession. Multiple Launcher is capable of delivering a variety of “non-lethal” payloads including 37/38mm “multi-7 smoke CS” munitions which have a maximum range of 200 metres and . NERO subsequently developed the Multiple Launcher Smoke Grenade System and began promoting this product from December 2021. The The Multiple Launcher is modular and is available in single, double and triple bank configurations. Each bank can launch fifteen 37mm or 40mm grenades, and four 76mm grenades. NERO has promoted a range of associated payloads which “run the spectrum of non-lethal responses from flash and sound distraction, smoke obscuration, fast obscuration, smoke irritant, and blunt trauma individual or combination effects to OC vapor grenades.” According to the our company “These effects support escalation of force, early warning & determination of intent, crowd dispersal and area denial objectives.” In addition to the 37mm Multi-7 CS smoke sub-munition, these payload options include: a super long range 40mm CS smoke sub-munition, with a maximum range of 200m; a 76mm high capacity CS smoke grenade, with a maximum range of 50m.

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Technical Data Table

10 years


11kg ± 0.5kg




From 30m to 150m it depends according to ammunition selected


380mm ± 10mm


574mm ± 10mm


214mm ± 10mm






360° – 180° – 120° – 90°


28VDC Nominal(16-32)


6A ± 2A @ 28VDC Firing Mode


24V 2A for 10 millisecond for each tube


1 – 3.5Ω