Cyclone filter is the key component of a CBRN filtration system, designed to efficiently separate dust particles from the air flow using a unique “spin motion” technique. By effectively removing larger particles, our cyclone filter helps to prevent clogging and extend the life of the filters used in conjunction with them.

Nero Industry offers three types of cyclone filters – small, wide short, and wide long – to accommodate various airflow requirements. Our filters can be used individually or in serial connection to provide high capacities.

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Product Description & Technical Document

DS-010322080001421-1117-EN TECHNICAL DOCUMENT

Cyclone filter is widely used in CBRN filtration systems for separating particles from the air by using a “spin method.” This method forces air through the filter, causing it to spin and push solid particles to the outer side of the air flow. The particles then settle outside the air flow, leaving behind clean air.

Purpose of Cyclone Filters

Cyclone filter’s primary purpose is to act as a separator for coarse dust from the air flow, reducing the dust load reaching the filter. This makes it possible to use filter units more efficiently and also helps to extend the lifespan of the filter. Cyclone filters are also often used as a pre-cleaner before an efficient filter and/or a product separator.

Cyclones work by directing polluted air with high speed into the entrance on the top of the cyclone, which is then forwarded to the internal walls with the centrifugal force of particles that have a higher density than the conveyer atmosphere. This creates a herical flow form through the cyclone construction, which separates the particles from the air.

Applications of Military Cyclone Filters

Military cyclone filters are specifically designed to operate in harsh environments and are commonly used in military vehicles and systems to clean the air flow inside or outside the vehicle. They provide the clean air flow required for various military vehicle engines, generators, and other systems.

In addition to military vehicles, cyclone filters can also be used in the following areas:

Military Aircraft: Environmental factors, such as air flow contamination, can affect the performance of military aircraft. To ensure clean air supply to aircraft engines and other systems, cyclone filters are commonly used.

Military Ships: The harsh marine environment, including dust, saltwater, and waves, can have a significant impact on the air quality of military ships. Cyclone filters can be used in ventilation systems to provide clean air flow to the ship’s engines and other systems.

Military Shelters: Clean air is essential inside military shelters to maintain a healthy environment. Military cyclone filters can improve the air quality inside the shelters, providing a safer and healthier living space for soldiers.

Overall, military cyclone filters have numerous applications and play a crucial role in the success of military operations. Their ability to provide clean air flow in challenging environments makes them a valuable asset for any military operation.

Types of Military Cyclone Filters

Military cyclone filters are available in various types, each with a unique design and intended use. Here are some common types of military cyclone filters:

Fixed Cyclone Filters: These filters are permanently installed in a fixed position and utilize rotation for air flow filtration. These filters are ideal for high-volume air flow applications.

Mobile Cyclone Filters: Designed as a portable system, mobile cyclone filters are suitable for use in military vehicles. These filters can clean the air flow inside or outside the vehicle and can be easily moved from one location to another.

Single-stage Cyclone Filters: These filters have a simple design that uses a single cyclone for air flow filtration. They are less complex and cost-effective but may not provide high efficiency.

Multi-stage Cyclone Filters: Multi-stage cyclone filters utilize multiple cyclones to filter air flow and offer higher efficiency than single-stage filters. These filters are more expensive but provide better performance.

Centrifugal Cyclone Filters: Centrifugal cyclone filters use the complete rotation of air flow to separate pollutants. These filters can be used with multiple cyclones to enhance their efficiency.

Apart from the above types, there are other varieties of military cyclone filters that offer different designs and features, depending on their intended application.

Features of Military Cyclone Filters

When it comes to harsh operating conditions, military cyclone filters are the go-to choice for many military vehicles and systems. Here are some of the features that make these filters so popular:

Durability: Military cyclone filters are crafted from tough materials that can withstand even the most challenging environments. Whether it’s extreme temperatures, rough terrain, or high humidity, these filters are built to last.

Efficiency: Cyclone filters are engineered to separate particles in fluid flow with exceptional efficiency. They can filter out even the smallest particles, ensuring optimal performance and functionality of military systems.

Easy maintenance: With a simple design, military cyclone filters require minimal maintenance. This makes them an excellent choice for military vehicles that need to stay operational with minimal downtime.

Portability: Some military cyclone filters are specifically designed to be portable, making them ideal for use in military vehicles. They are lightweight and compact, yet offer powerful filtration capabilities.

Environmentally friendly: Cyclone filters are an eco-friendly option, as they do not use any chemical materials during the filtration process. This makes them a sustainable and responsible choice for military operations.

Energy efficiency: Military cyclone filters are designed to provide low energy consumption while cleaning large volumes of air flows. This means that they can help save energy and reduce costs.

Flame retardant feature: For added safety, some military cyclone filters are equipped with flame retardant features. This ensures that military vehicles and systems are protected from potential fire hazards.

Automatic cleaning: To ensure optimum performance, some cyclone filters have automatic cleaning systems. This means that they can continue to operate effectively even in challenging environments.

What does it do

Military cyclone filters are critical components of air filtration systems used inside or outside military vehicles and systems. These filters are designed to prevent contamination from environmental factors.

The main functions of military cyclone filters are:

  1. Engine protection: The engines used in military vehicles can be exposed to dust, sand, mud, and other factors. Cyclone filters protect the engine by separating these pollutants from the air and help extend its lifespan.

  2. Clean air flow: Military vehicle engines, generators, and other systems require clean air flow. Cyclone filters provide this by cleaning the air flow.

  3. Cost reduction: Cyclone filters have a simple design that requires minimal maintenance. This reduces operational costs and makes military operations more economical.

  4. Air quality: Air filters used in military vehicles also improve the air quality inside the vehicle. This increases personnel productivity and comfort.

The functions of military cyclone filters are an important factor for the success of military operations. These filters play a critical role in ensuring the safe and efficient operation of vehicles and systems, thereby enhancing the safety and operational efficiency of military personnel.

• On CBRN filtration system the dust particles within the drawn air are separa-ted by giving ‘‘spin motion’’(both circular and vertical motion) to air flow.

• When it is used before the filters, it extends the filter life.

• High capacities can be provided by parallel connection.


Filter TypeFilter Dimensions (diameterxsize)Usage TypeEfficiency
Small Type19mm x 66mm 0.75” x 2.6”Single92-96%
Wide Short Type38mm x 102 mm 1.5” x 4”Single88-94%
Wide Long Type38mm x 152 mm 1.5” x 6”Single92-95%